Notification and Acknowledgement

Depending on the type of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activity, you will receive notification of your call-ups 1 to 6 months before it commences. This advance notice is to minimise disruption to your personal and work schedules, by allowing you to make the necessary arrangements for when you are away for your call-up.

The notification periods are as follows:

Type of call-up Notification period
High Key (HK) In-Camp Training (ICT)/Course 6 months in advance
Low Key (LK) ICT/Course 3 months in advance
HK Make-Up Training (MUT) 2 months in advance for HK MUT
LK MUT 1 month in advance for LK MUT

You can be notified of your call-up via MINDEF notification channels, i.e. automated telephone response system, SMS or e-mail.

Sample of broadcast message:

Sample of a call-up notification


You are required to acknowledge your call-up via MINDEF notification channels, or Manage Call-Ups & Manning on the NS Portal. A softcopy of the official notice, the SAF100, will be accessible at this eService. Your SAF100 will have your call-up details, like the reporting date, time, venue, attire and instructions for your call-up.

If you do not acknowledge the call-up within 10 days, a hardcopy of the SAF100 will be sent via registered mail to the residential address registered in your NRIC.

You are required to inform your employer of your call-up immediately and forward them a copy of the eSAF100 if required.