Preparation for Your Call-Up

Personal Equipment

You should ensure your personal equipment (e.g. boots, field pack, jockey cap, uniform, etc.) is in order before your scheduled Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activity commences, and check if anything needs to be replaced or replenished. The personal equipment can be purchased from the SAF eMart or via Shop At eMart on the NS Portal, using your eMart credits or cash.  Credits will be allocated to you once every 2 years.

For controlled equipment like your helmet and Load Bearing Vest, you are advised to liaise with your NS unit for kit exchange either before or during your call-up.


Make-Up Pay Claims

To ensure prompt payment, all Make-Up Pay claims should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your call-up.

For employed NSmen, please check with your organization's HR department on how your Make-Up Pay claim is processed. Your employer could continue paying you as per your company’s regular pay schedule while claiming reimbursement from MINDEF, or you may receive your NS Pay directly from MINDEF.

For self-employed NSmen, there are different Make-Up Pay claim options and submission processes to consider – find out more about which option suits you best.

Please ensure that your bank account details are updated via Update My Profile on the NS Portal.


Security Zoning in SAF

On 1 September 2012, SAF introduced a security zoning programme across all SAF camps to facilitate the use of personal electronic devices, such as laptop computers and camera-equipped mobile devices.

Green Zone: Camera-equipped mobile devices and in-vehicle cameras are allowed in SAF camps designated with Green Zones. NSmen can bring and use personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops into Green Zones as well.  Since 1 March 2016, registering such electronic devices for usage in Green Zones is no longer required. However, their usage is subject to the units’ training and operational requirements.

Red Zone: Camera-equipped mobile devices are not allowed in Red Zones and must be deposited in designated lockers before entry into the area.

Unauthorised photography and videography within all MINDEF/SAF premises remains prohibited in all zones.