Over your Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) training cycle, you will receive call-ups for various ORNS activities. To complete an ORNS year, you need to participate in an ORNS activity within your work-year, which starts on 1 April and ends on 31 March of the following year.

Your call-ups can be broadly categorised into High Key (HK) and Low Key (LK) activities/training, and are defined as follows:

Types of call-ups Duration
HK: In-Camp Training (ICT), Make-Up Training (MUT), courses 7 days or more
LK: ICT, MUT, courses, briefings, medical reviews, mobilisation 6 days or less


Call-up limit

In every work-year, you may be called up for not more than 40 days of ORNS activities annually. In the case where you have been called up beyond 40-days in a work-year, you are required to seek an agreement with your employer for this extended service. Both you and your employer will then have to sign an undertaking to indicate acceptance of this arrangement.


Call-ups that span across 2 work-years

When the duration of a call-up falls within 2 work years, e.g. a HK ICT from 27 March 2017 (5 days in work-year 2016) to 7 April 2017 (7 days in work-year 2017), this HK ICT is considered to be within work-year 2016. This training period will be counted as part of the 40-day limit of ORNS activities per work-year, while work-year 2016 will be counted as an ORNS year.