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Retailers showing support and appreciation for our National Servicemen (NSmen).

National Service (NS) is the bedrock of Singapore’s defence and the cornerstone of Singapore’s prosperity and progress. Since 1967, many generations of our NSmen have served with pride and honour, following in the footsteps of pioneers who set the foundation of NS with their commitment, determination and fighting spirit.

Forming the backbone of NS, our NSmen represent the collective will of our nation to stand up for itself and to ensure the peace and security of Singapore. The “We Support NS” initiative allows and encourages different segments of the community to demonstrate their support for NS and acknowledge our NSmen’ contributions to the defence and security of our nation.

As part of the “We Support NS” initiative, many merchants, organisations and hawkers will be offering discounts, and promotions for our NSmen. The promotion period will be from July to August, starting from 1st July, SAF Day. We welcome all companies to join us in showing appreciation to our NSmen for their service to Singapore. To find out more details on how you can participate to show your support for this year’s event, please contact MAJ David Toh at or