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Types of ORNS Activities

As part of your ORNS, you may need to fulfil the training requirements for the following ORNS activities:

Participate in In-Camp Training (ICT)

In a work-year, you may be called up for:

  • High Key (HK) ICT, which lasts at least 7 days
  • Low Key (LK) ICT, which lasts 6 days or less

You will be notified of your ICT via MINDEF notification channels which you are required to acknowledge. Furthermore, you will receive a softcopy of the official notice, i.e. SAF100, via Manage Call-Ups & Manning on the NS Portal. Your SAF100 will have your ICT details, like the reporting date, time, venue, attire and instructions for your call-up. If you are unable to participate, you must apply for deferment via the same eService.

Being absent from your ICT without approved deferment may subject you to disciplinary action.


Be Ready for Manning

You could be placed on Manning, and must be ready at any time to report to your Mobilisation Centre upon mobilisation. Notification can occur through 2 ways:

  • Open Mobilisation: You will be notified through broadcast of codewords representing your unit in mass media like TV and radio, and through your personal contact numbers – home, office or mobile phone
  • Silent Mobilisation: You will be notified through your personal contact numbers – home, office or mobile phone


Pass Your Annual Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)

You need to attempt and pass your annual IPPT, with a score of at least 51 points out of 100, with a minimum of 1 point in every IPPT station. This has to be done within your IPPT Window  a 12-month period. The first window starts on your birthday after your ORD and ends a day before your next birthday.

As IPPT requirements are gazetted under the Enlistment Act, you will not receive notification via SAF100 to participate in any IPPT activities. It is your responsibility as an NSman to track and fulfil your IPPT requirements within your annual IPPT Window. To support you, an SMS notification could be sent upon the commencement of your IPPT Window.

Alternatively, you can also fulfil your annual fitness requirements by completing 10 sessions of NS FIT within your IPPT window, inclusive of an IPPT attempt.

You will be required to complete 10 mandatory sessions of NS FIT in your next window (Mandatory NS FIT window) in your next IPPT Window if you have any of the following statuses by the end of your IPPT Window:

  • Did not attempt your IPPT
  • Failed IPPT (for those who did not opt for NS FIT)
  • Did not complete your NS FIT