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Examples of Service Pay Calculation

Your Service Pay is equivalent to your full-time NS allowance, and dependent on your rank and vocation. It will be pro-rated based on the duration of the Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activity you are participating in.

Half-day Service Pay will be credited to you for ORNS activities of 4 hours or less.

The following are common scenarios of how your Service Pay is calculated:

If you are an Infantry 3SG with a monthly Service Pay of $990, and attending:

i. A High Key In-Camp Training (ICT)
Period of ORNS activity: 6 June (0800 hrs) to 12 June (1159 hrs)
Duration: 7 days
Total days in June: 30 days
Service Pay for this period:
= 7/30 days x $990
= $231

ii. A NS FIT session
Period of ORNS activity: 4 June (0930 hrs) to 4 June (1045 hrs)
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes (4 hours or less = 0.5 day)
Total days in June: 30 days
Service Pay for this period:
= 0.5/30 days x $990
= $16.50

iii. A Medical Review
Period of ORNS activity: 1 July (0800 hrs) to 1 July (1300 hrs)
Duration: 5 hours (More than 4 hours = 1 day)
Total days in July: 31 days
Service Pay for this period:
= 1/31 days x $990
= $31.94



Last update: 30 Mar 2021