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Overpayment, Disputes, and CPF Contributions


Any overpayment that arises from your NS Pay will be recovered from you. You will receive a letter of notification on the overpayment from the NSmen Payment Centre (NPC), with the reason for overpayment and modes of repayment stated.

MINDEF reserves the right to offset any outstanding overpayment amount from your future NS payments, e.g. your Service Pay, Make-Up Pay, awards and allowances.



If you have a dispute on the claim amount for your NS Pay, you can send an appeal:

  • In writing to 1NPC
  • By fax (6373 1477) 
  • By e-mail (

 This must be done not later than 3 weeks from the date on which your NS Pay is paid. The appeal is to be submitted with the NS Pay amount claimed, grounds of appeal, and any necessary supporting documents.

1NPC Address:
5 Depot Rd #13-01
Defence Technology Towers (Tower B) 
Singapore 109681


CPF contributions

If you are an employed personnel, your employer is liable to pay the CPF contributions on your NS Pay. As stated under the Enlistment Act, when you are away from work to participate in an Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activity, your employer and yourself (i.e. the employee) are required to continue paying CPF contributions based on your usual civilian income, inclusive of Service Pay and Make-Up Pay paid by MINDEF.

The CPF contribution payable by both employer and employee will remain the same and based on prevailing CPF Board guidelines.