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NS Pay Components

As an NSman, you will receive NS Pay for the duration of any Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activities you participate in. This is to ensure that you will not suffer a loss of income as a result of participating in these activities while employed. Your NS Pay is typically made up of 2 components

Service Pay

Your Service Pay is equivalent to your full-time NS allowance, and dependent on your rank and vocation. Other than rank allowance, your Service Pay also includes a vocation allowance, given in recognition of the vocational demands placed on you. It will be pro-rated based on the duration of the ORNS activity that you are participating in.


Make-Up Pay

Your Make-Up Pay is the difference between your civilian income loss and your Service Pay, for the duration of your ORNS activity. No Make-Up Pay will be payable if your civilian income loss incurred is lower than your Service Pay for each ORNS activity.

How you claim your Make-Up Pay is subject to the following employment statuses:

  • Employed: Performing work under a contract of service where you are under the control of your employer. This includes directors registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You are also considered employed while on internship

  • Self-employed: When you perform work for others under a contract for service. You may be a sole-proprietor or a partner in a partnership, or work for yourself and are in the position to realise a business profit or loss. Your income is derived from the buying and selling of goods, or from providing professional or personal services. Examples include taxi drivers, property agents, and insurance agents