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Replacement Option

Claimable Income

Your Make-Up Pay claim will be based on the fees incurred from engaging a replacement to cover your duties while you are away for your Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activities. This option is only applicable for stand-in doctors or bus and transport drivers.

  • Stand-in Doctors: Rate of stand-in fees is pegged to usual rate paid by doctors for their private engagements
  • Bus/Transport Drivers: Rate of replacement fees is pegged to usual rate paid by these drivers for their private engagements


The replacement fee is claimable only if:

  • Your business is in operation during your ORNS activity
  • Your claim is submitted at least 2 weeks before your ORNS activity begins


Supporting Documents

You will need to submit a copy of a detailed schedule showing the time your replacement was engaged, and the rate of payment with an acknowledgement by the replacement on the amount paid.