Booking Process

Booking Process

You can book your IPPT and NS FIT via the Manage IPPT/NS FIT on the NS Portal. If you are 35 years old and above, please book your IPPT / NS FIT after you clear your HSP requirements.

Please note that there must be a mandatory 1-day rest between each session.

Tip: To get the most out of your NS FIT programme, you are advised to book and participate at least 1 session a week.

No bookings, amendments or cancellations are allowed:

  • After 0000 hrs on the same day of the training session, for morning or lunch-hour sessions
  • After 1200 hrs on the same day of the training session, for evening sessions

Booking Reminder

You can opt for a Booking Reminder via the NS Portal to send you an SMS or e-mail 1 to 5 days before your session start date. You may only set reminders for future dates. 

If today is 7 July, and you book an IPPT on 10 July, you may only set a reminder for 1 or 2 days prior to your booking.

Attendance Taking at FIT@HPB Quick HIIT

You are required to download the Healthy 365 mobile app prior to attending the FIT@HPB Quick HIIT session. If you are a new user of Healthy 365, please create a Healthy 365 profile. If you are an existing Healthy 365 user, please restore and log in to your profile before attending the session.

Upon arriving at the session, you must produce the SMS or email confirmation of your booking to the HPB trainers on-site for verification of identity. To avoid any confusion with other members of public, you are advised to step forward to notify the trainers of your status as an NSman on NS FIT before each session begins. You must perform a check-in and check-out using the Healthy 365 mobile app to scan a QR code at the start and end of each session for attendance taking. The attendance check-in QR code will be made available by the trainers before each session begins.

When the session has ended, use the Healthy 365 mobile app to scan the check-out QR code that will be made available by the trainers. Your attendance will be updated on NS Portal 3 days after your session.  

If you encountered difficulties with the check-in or check-out function using the Healthy 365 mobile app, please approach the facilitator onsite for assistance. A longer processing time of 5-10 working days is expected before your attendance is reflected on NS Portal. You may contact NS Call Centre at or 1800-3676767 (1800-eNSNSNS) for further enquiries.