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Skilling Up our NSFs and NSmen

Through the training, NSmen acquire a suite of core and soft skills that bring significant value to their employers. 

Many of the full-time NS training courses receive Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) accreditation as a means to enhance the value proposition of NS and facilitate the transition of full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) back to their studies or the workplace.

The level of competency in many of the skills attained by NSmen, such as leadership, technical and specialist skills, also meet the professional standards accepted by industries. Click here to find out more about the types of skills NSmen attain.

Certificate of Service Package

The strong qualities and skill sets attained during NS add value to any workplace. These information are reflected in the Certificate of Service (COS) package, given to all NSFs who served full-time NS. In addition, the COS package will also include other information, such as the achievements and attributes displayed during full-time NS. Employers are encouraged to use the COS package as a form of reference, when recruiting and selecting candidates. Click here to find out more.



Last update: 16 Apr 2018