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New Members of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation Pledge their Support for National Service


New Members of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation Pledge their Support for National Service

"National Service (NS) is vital for a strong defence force, which in turn provides a secure and stable environment for the country to thrive and prosper. Better recruitment prospects and talent retention are just some examples that employers can expect if there is a work environment that is supportive and appreciative of NS. 

"The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) will continue to be an active advocate for National Service within the manufacturing community," said Mr Ian Lee, Director of Membership and Global Business in SMF.

Mr Ian Lee highlighting the importance of employer support for NS, in his opening address

He was speaking at a networking event for new SMF members on 14 Jan 2021. National Service Directorate (NSD), which was one of four external agencies invited by SMF, set up a booth to raise awareness of employer support for NS and how their members could be recognised as supportive employers through NS Mark. 

NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme to recognise businesses and employers who demonstrated support for NS and Total Defence. 

NSD’s booth at the SMF event

"The SMF is proud to be a steadfast partner with NSD over the years and is heartened that many of our members have since signed up for the NS Mark. We will continue to encourage our members to support our servicemen in performing their NS duties for a safe and secure Singapore," said Mr Douglas Foo, President of SMF. 

The event, split into two sessions to adhere to safe management capacities in the current COVID-19 situation, was attended by representatives from 40 companies. About 50% of these companies pledged their support on the spot after engaging with staff from NSD. 

An employer pledging his support for NS

While a few expressed that they had little awareness of the scheme prior to the event, they were heartened that MINDEF recognises employers that are supportive of NS.

"We have always been supportive of our national servicemen but we did not know MINDEF recognises such supportive acts through the NS Mark. It is a very good initiative," said Mr Jude Ananth, Business Development Manager, Electromech Technologies Pte Ltd.

Employers and businesses can support NSman employees to harmonise work-life-NS commitments by implementing pro-NS practices, creating a supportive environment and facilitating a better understanding of NS. This will allow NSman employees to have peace of mind during their NS training and to concentrate better and give their best when back at work, thus creating a better quality workforce.  

Employers and businesses are encouraged to pledge their support and sign up for NS Mark today! Find out more about NS Mark at or email for more details.

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