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Supportive Employers Rallying to Support National Service!


Supportive Employers Rallying to Support National Service!

Supportive Employers Rallying to Support National Service!

“As the saying goes, “If there were no country, there would be no home”, the same applies to business. If there is no stability and security in the country, businesses will not thrive.”

Mr Edmond Looi, Director, DVUCA Pte Ltd sent this compelling message to fellow employers during his sharing, on the need for companies to support their NSman employees, who have the added responsibility of undergoing training to defend the country.

National Service Directorate (NSD) organised a Supportive Employers Networking reception on 14 Jan 2020 at THE CHEVRONS for employers to network and deepen their understanding of the various policies and practices that companies can adopt to support National Service (NS) and NSmen.  Hosted by Director National Service Affairs (DNSA), Brigadier-General (BG) Yew Chee Leung, 90 employers across 70 different companies stepped forward to rally behind the movement to build a stronger NS-friendly workplace culture among businesses.  

DNSA, BG Yew Chee Leung delivering his welcome address 

Proud recipients of the Total Defence Awards (TDA) 2019, Mr Edmond Looi – Director, DVUCA Pte Ltd as well as Business Director of Enlighted Sales and Service Pte Ltd and Alfa Tech VestAsia Pte Ltd (NS Advocate Award for SMEs), and Mr Rafeek Ryan Joshua, Director of Safety and Security, Conrad Centennial Singapore (NS Advocate Award for Large Companies), shared with fellow employers the journey their companies took towards supporting NS and Total Defence (TD).

Mr Edmond Looi sharing about his companies’ commitment and support towards NS and the practices that his companies have implemented

Mr Rafeek Ryan Joshua speaking on Conrad Centennial Singapore’s experience and journey towards supporting NS, creating a pro-NS culture in the company

Mr Sean Tan, Director at True Group said that he appreciates the transferable skills that NS training imbues in his employees. “As a home-grown gym chain, True Group believes strongly in supporting local. This includes supporting NS and our NSman employees. NSmen have a number of qualities and skillsets that apply extremely well in our work environment.  NSmen have discipline, focus, leadership, they are dependable and work well with others. In fact, quite a number of our NSmen are in leadership positions in True Group and they have contributed to our growth in significant ways,” Mr Tan added. 

In bringing greater value for employers at the networking reception, working partners of NSD, namely Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC, MOM) were also invited to share with employers on relevant government frameworks and schemes which could potentially enhance their business operations and to better support our NSmen. 

The networking and sharing session allowed many employers to learn and emulate the best practices of companies that has been supporting their NSman employees through their NS commitments.  After the sharing, many employers and business owners signed up for NS Mark (Gold) accreditation on the spot and said that they are prepared to partner NSD to provide stronger support for NS. 

Employers rallying behind the movement to support NS by signing up for the NS Mark (Gold) accreditation scheme on the spot

Join this extraordinary league of NS supporters and demonstrate your support for NS and your NSman employees by taking the first step of signing up for NS Mark accreditation scheme. To find out more about NS Mark, email us at or visit  To have an idea of how employers and businesses can be supportive, check out the Employers’ website at

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