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Covid 19 - Frequently Asked Questions


Covid 19 - Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What will happen if I am issued a Quarantine Order/ Stay-Home Notice that covers my Enlistment Date/ reporting date?

Please contact your Commander/Course Manager for assistance. You may be granted a Leave of Absence from training.

Q2. What will happen if I am unwell/infected with COVID-19? What will happen to my reporting date?

Should you be unwell/diagnosed with COVID-19, your reporting date will be rescheduled to allow you sufficient time to recover. Please inform your commander/Course Manager and do not report on your reporting day.

Q3. When will pre-enlistee IPPT sessions resume?

In view of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), MINDEF has temporarily suspended the conduct of IPPT for Pre-Enlistees from now till 18 Aug 2021. You may log in to the NS Portal from 19 Aug 2021 onwards for further details on the resumption of pre-enlistee IPPT.

Q4. I am due for enlistment in Aug but IPPT is suspended. Can I still take my IPPT?

Arrangements for IPPT will be made for pre-enlistees who are due for enlistment (subject to prevailing national measures). More details will be shared in due course.

Q5. I have just taken my COVID-19 vaccine. Can I go for my IPPT?

You may log in to the NS Portal to book your IPPT slots. Please do not book IPPT slots that fall within the 2 weeks after your first or second COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Q6. Why are the pre-enlistment medical screening appointments being reduced?

In line with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)’s safe management measures, we have reduced the number of pre-enlistment medical screening appointments for the safety of our pre-enlistees, visitors and staff. Hence, some appointments in Jul/Aug will be rescheduled during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we seek your kind understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Q7. How will I know if my appointment has been rescheduled? What should I do if my appointment has been rescheduled?

You will receive an SMS or email from CMPB if your appointment has been rescheduled. If you did not receive a notification, please proceed with your appointment. When commuting to CMPB, please adhere to the national guidelines. Wear a mask at all times and keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from others, even in open spaces. Stay safe.

Q8. What should I do if my appointment has been rescheduled?

You would have received a notification stating that your appointment has been rescheduled. Please log in to the NS Portal for more details on your new appointment. Should you wish to reschedule your new appointment date, you may do so on the NS Portal.


Q9. Where can I find the list of Active COVID-19 Clusters or High-Risk Hotspots?

Please visit the SAF Declare form ( to view the list of Active COVID-19 Clusters or High-Risk Hotspots. The list is updated regularly based on the ongoing situation and you are advised to check the list for updates prior to your ICT/ Call-up or IPPT/NS FIT.

Q10. I need to defer my upcoming ICT for personal commitments caused by COVID-19, e.g. preschool and school closures/low manpower from telecommuting measures at work/risk of job insecurity.

You should submit a deferment application on the NS Portal. Your request will be subjected to your CO’s approval, and is dependent on your unit’s operational demand. You will not be eligible to claim for MUP if your ICT has been deferred.

Q11. My employment and/or remuneration has changed during this period of COVID-19. Will I still be paid MUP for my upcoming NS training?

If so, how will my MUP be computed? You will be eligible to claim MUP if your NS training overlaps with your civilian working hours. Your MUP will be computed based on the difference between your civilian income loss and Service Pay to make up for the income you would have received if not for your NS training.

Q12. If I am eligible for the waiver of IPPT requirements, how will I be officially informed?

You will be informed of your waiver via SMS by the 1st week of Aug 2021. As the waiver will only be effected after your current window closes, you may wish to check NS Portal after your new IPPT window has opened.

Q13. In view of the waiver of IPPT requirements, will I lose my opportunity to achieve my IPPT incentive?

No, NSmen who are eligible for the waiver can still attempt IPPT, and qualify for incentives, should they do so before their IPPT window closes.

Q14. Will the SAF be further waiving IPPT requirements beyond the current window, if the COVID-19 situation does not improve?

MINDEF/SAF will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Singapore and adjust our policies to safeguard the well-being of our servicemen. The terms of the waiver will be reviewed again, if necessary.

Q15. If my birthday window ends within the current suspension period (i.e. till 18 Aug), will I be considered to have defaulted IPPT and be required to enrol in mandatory NS FIT?

As your IPPT window closure is affected by the temporarily suspension of IPPT and physical NS FIT till 18 Aug, you will be granted a one-time waiver of your annual IPPT requirement and you will be informed of the waiver via SMS by the 1st week of Aug.

Q16. I have just taken my mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. Can I go for my IPPT/NS FIT?

Please reschedule your IPPT/NS FIT sessions to be at least 2 weeks after each COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Q17. I have just taken my COVID-19 vaccine and given the post-vaccination measures to avoid IPPT/NS FIT for two weeks after each dose, I am unable to complete my IPPT/NS FIT before my window closes. What should I do?

If you are unable to complete your IPPT/NS FIT before your IPPT window closes, you are advised to contact your Unit’s S8 or National Service Relations Officer. Your unit will examine the situation on a case by case basis.

Q18. I was recently vaccinated and am scheduled for ICT in one week/two weeks. Should I still report for ICT and/or how can I defer it?

You should continue to report for ICT as scheduled. There is no requirement for you to seek deferment if your vaccination is within the two weeks before your ICT.

Q19. I will be taking my COVID-19 vaccine in the middle of my ICT. Who should I inform of my vaccination date, and what should I do?

You should inform your Commander or Unit S8 of your vaccination date during in-pro.

Q20. I have an upcoming ICT as well as vaccination. Should I reschedule my vaccination to after my ICT?

You are encouraged to schedule your vaccination at the earliest instance and where possible, to complete the vaccination regime ahead of your ICT. This will cater time to achieve the desired efficacy of vaccine before the ICT. However, you do not have to postpone your vaccination to after your ICT if the given vaccination schedule is during your ICT. You should inform your Commander or Unit S8 of your vaccination date during in-pro.

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