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The Army Laid Bare to Employers!


The Army Laid Bare to Employers!

The Army Laid Bare to Employers!

To help the employers better understand what their employees do during In-Camp Training (ICT) as NSmen, an employers’ visit was conducted at Sungei Gedong Camp on 22 March. The employers had the chance to familiarise themselves with the array of equipment utilised across the various formations and even got to experience what it is like to be in our Army platforms!  


A fulfilling visit to Sungei Gedong Camp! Thank you to all employers for your continual support towards National Service!

In his address to the employers, Chief Armour Officer (CAO), Brigadier-General (BG) Yew Chee Leung gave an overview of what NSmen will go through and answered many queries from the employers during his opening address. This allowed employers to have a better understanding on how to support our NSmen during their Operationally Ready National Service phase.

CAO sharing with employers about how the Armour formation trains

A soldier introducing the Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS) to the employers.

A soldier explaining how the Armour Driving Simulator works and what NSmen can expect when they are in the simulator.

Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) Leong Teng Kee showcasing some of the weaponry used in the Army.

Employers learning more about the Safari Weapon Locating Radar.


After the visit, Mr Daniel Lim, a manager in Sim Lian Construction Company Pte Ltd, expressed that his confidence in the Army and the SAF have increased. He also expressed faith in the training and safety systems put in place after witnessing it for himself.

On how the company supports employees with National Service commitments, Mr Lim shared that their top management had approved the proposal that allows all NSmen to take Time-Off before the NSmen are called back for In-camp Training (ICT). "We are open to constructive ideas on improving the welfare and well-being of our staff and NSmen, especially on promoting good mental health and work-life balance from all departments." Mr Lim added.

The visit has increased Mr Joab Ang's confidence in the training and safety systems in the Army. As a manager and safety officer in Eng Kong Holdings Pte Ltd, Mr Ang felt that training safely yet realistically is down to "inculcating a safety culture and not compromising operational requirements."

Mr Joab Ang is proud to see the SAF evolve with many innovations and new designs that meet the standards that allows Singapore to be able to defend what is ours. 

Furthermore, he acknowledges the importance of ICT. He understands that ICT allows NSmen to be refreshed and be updated with the newest equipment and procedures. "We always encourage them not to defer their In-Camp Training" Mr Ang expressed.

Overall, the capabilities visit was an enriching and engaging experience. Employers started out being curious about the capabilities of the Army, and thereafter gained a deeper understanding of how Army plays an important role in Singapore’s defence after the visit. Many employers thanked Armour and NSD for a fruitful visit and felt that more employers should attend visits of a similar nature.


Do you want to know how to better support your NSman employees? Log on to our employers’ website here to find out how ( Interested to go through an experiential journey to a SAF camp? Register your interest for our upcoming visits by dropping us an email at If you would like to find out more about our accreditation scheme for supportive employers, log on to

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