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Supportive Employers Networking Feb 2019


Supportive Employers Networking Feb 2019

Doing your part for the defence of Singapore!

“Learning to work in a team in Navy has been useful for my job in ST Logistics.” This was shared by CPL (NS) Wong Guo Wei, HR Specialist from ST Logistics Pte Ltd in a video presented during the Supportive Employers Networking event.

Hosted by National Service Directorate (NSD) on 20 Feb 19 at the Singapore Discovery Centre, the Supportive Employer Networking attracted about 70 like-minded employers to network, learn and emulate the support of companies towards National Service (NS) and Total Defence (TD).

The usefulness of skills acquired in the course of serving NS was reinforced by Mr Poh Kay Leong, Group Deputy CEO of Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited.  He shared that he appreciates the transferable skills that NS training imbues in his employees.  These skills include leadership, discipline and team work, which increases their effectiveness and productivity at work.  

From left: Mr Ken Chua (speaker), Director of UT-WAYS Freight Services Pte Ltd, Mr Poh Kay Leong, Group Deputy CEO of Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited, Lieutenant-Colonel Yvonne Lim, MINDEF and Mr Wilson Chua, Managing Director of UT-WAYS Freight Services Pte Ltd at the pre-event reception of the Supportive Employers Networking event

Like Mr Poh, many employers thanked NSD for initiating this networking session and expressed that they had a fruitful afternoon networking and learning from fellow employers on how they could work together with NSD to better support their Operationally Ready National Serviceman (NSman) employees.

Two ardent NS advocates volunteered to share with fellow employers about their journey in supporting NS and TD.

“Our NSmen do not need much, what they need is the company’s support.”  The first speaker, Mr Mohamed Haniffa, Manager, Engagement, shared about how ST Logistics values and makes an effort to understand their NSman employees’ In-Camp Training (ICT) commitments.  The company implemented a work-buddy system to ensure that work is covered when NSman employees return for ICT.  “The commitment of support from the Company is always there.”   This reinforces the importance of NS as a company-wide philosophy and culture in ST Logistics. He added that NSman employees’ skills learnt in NS are also put to good use at work.

Mr Haniffa’s sharing on pro-NS culture and practices of ST Logistics

Mr Kwok Chee Wei, Director of WWW Cargo Pte Ltd found the sharing session useful. After learning about some practices that ST Logistics has implemented to recognize their NSman employees, he remarked “oh yes, I can also do these for my NSmen”. Mr Kwok feels that as a small nation, Singapore needs our defence force to allow us to enjoy the security and stability and shared that he was more than ready to support NS and his NSman employees.

Mr Kwok (centre) signing up for the NS Mark accreditation scheme in a bid to show his support towards the nation’s defence

The other NS advocate who spoke at the event, Mr Ken Chua, Director of UT-WAYS Freight Services Pte Ltd, shared that being an NSman himself, he understands that employers’ support for the nation’s defence is essential. Mr Ken reiterated that “every act of support and advocacy effort counts”. He added that supporting NS is not just for companies with NSmen, and everyone can play a part in the defence of Singapore.

Mr Ken sharing initiatives and personal experiences on his journey in supporting NS and TD

His company supports their NSman employees in many ways, such as giving NSmen a day-off before and after ICT to rest. Mr Ken also actively advocates support for NS amongst his close-knit network of second generation young entrepreneurs and encourages them to step up and be recognized for their support towards NS.

As a testament of their support towards NS and TD, about 70% of the companies present signed up for the NS Mark accreditation scheme to be recognized as supportive employers.

Join this extraordinary league of NS supporters. Your support matters and we want to recognise you. Click here to find out how you can take the first step today: or email us at  to find out more.


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