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Are You on Board?

“Are You on Board?”

Have you ever had the opportunity to go on board foreign and local military warships?  Our supportive employers did.  On 16 May 2019, 90 employers had the rare treat of boarding and touring military warships docked at the RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base (CNB).  The visit, co-hosted by Commander 3rd Flotilla, COL Chng Kim Chuan, and the National Service Directorate (NSD), allowed employers a better understanding of the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) capabilities and its operational readiness.

(Centre) Commander 3rd Flotilla, COL Chng Kim Chuan in a group photo with employers at the visit

In his welcome address, COL Chng reiterated the important roles employers play in supporting our NSmen and he was happy to note that several employers of our Navy NSmen were at the visit amidst their busy schedule.  He thanked and urged all to continue support our NSmen.

Commander 3rd Flotilla, COL Chng Kim Chuan, delivering his welcome address

The employers visited USS William P. Lawrence of the United States Navy and RSS Persistence of the Republic Singapore Navy. 

“I’m really impressed with how well kept the RSS Persistence was, taking into consideration its age. This is testament to the professionalism and discipline of our navy personnel, both active NSF as well as NSmen.”   Mr Alexis Chee, General Manager of Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd commented after visiting RSS Persistence. 

Mr Chee’s employee, CPL(NS) Oh Rong Jun, our naval diver, shared via tele-interview that he was happy to learn that his employer visited Navy to know more about RSN’s mission and he was appreciative of the company’s support for his NS commitments.  CPL(NS) Oh shared that “The company makes arrangements to have my tasks on hand covered so that I do not need to defer for my ICTs. I can also perform my NS duties with a peace of mind without any interruptions or calls from the office.  I also am not worried that I will be penalised in terms of career progression for being away.”


The visit allowed employers a better understanding of the roles our Navy play in operations and its collaborations with foreign Navies.  This had inspired a greater confidence in RSN’s ability and readiness to respond to threats.

For Mr Kane Kwek, a Social Media Director from Danamic, also a Navy NSmen himself shared that it is important for employers to understand the roles Navy NSmen undertake in RSN’s role.  In his capacity as an employer, Mr Kwek shared that “NSmen have many roles to play, I have gone through it myself having to juggle between work, life and NS; I will definitely support my NSmen employees for their NS commitments”

(Third from left) – Mr Alexis Chee, General Manager of Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd, and (Fifth from right) – Mr Kane Kwek, Social Media Director of Danamic,

on board the USS William P. Lawrence.


During the visit, employers were also introduced the NS Mark Accreditation Scheme where they can openly demonstrate and pledge their support for NS and our NSmen.

An employer pledging his support for National Service on behalf of his company at the visit


Join us for our next visit to the SAF in Aug 19.  Look out for our events at Do not miss out on the opportunity to pledge your support through NS Mark today at or email us for more details at


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