Introducing Ask Jamie!

MINDEF/SAF has launched “Ask Jamie” on the NS Portal on 13 Sept 2018. “Ask Jamie” is a Whole of Government virtual assistant (VA) that is trained to answer queries within specific domains. A NS Portal user can now click on AskJamie to open a chat window to “ask” Jamie on pre-enlistment matters (such as Deferment, Enlistment and Registration); and NS related matters (such as ICT, IPPT, NS payment, and Overseas Notification).

“Ask Jamie” leverages on its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to understand questions typed by its users and will respond with an appropriate answer. When a question can have many possible answers, “Ask Jamie” is trained to ask follow-on questions to narrow down the answer to one that is specifically relevant to the context.

To further enhance user experience, the portal team has also integrated webchat with “AskJamie”. When a user is dissatisfied with the answers given by Jamie, he/she has an option to webchat with a real customer service officer (CSO) instead. 

Chat with Jamie now!  

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