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Open Mobilisation Exercise Of PNSmen from SPF


Open Mobilisation Exercise Of PNSmen from SPF

A SPF Open Mobilisation for 400 PNSmen was held on 11th November 2017. At 1000hrs, the SPF Open Mobilisation Exercise of Police National Servicemen (PNSmen) commenced. The purpose of exercise was to test the operational readiness and response rate of SPF units during emergencies and periods of crisis.


PNSmen from Clementi Division (D Div) under the codename “Cold Tundra”, Jurong Division (J Div) under the codename “Blue Note” and Protective Security Command (ProCom) under the unit codenames “Sonic Blast” and “Pink Dolphin” were mobilised. D Div and J Div NS Key and Command Appointment Holders (KAHCAHs) had the opportunity to engage their PNSmen on top of their scheduled programme which included briefing on discipline matters, ordering of uniform accoutrements through e-mart and table top exercise on terrorist threats while ProCom conducted a mini Exercise Scorpius where they simulated handing/taking over of key installations within the ProCom base.


The activation of the Open Mobilisation was done primarily through AMBERS and supplemented by announcements over radio and TV stations, and HTNS Clubhouses. PAD also assisted to broadcast a push notification message through Police@SG mobile app for the first time.

For the first time this year, PNSmen Liaison Officers (LOs) from the exercise units were attached to PNSD Command Post to liaise with respective reporting centres. They assisted to collate the hourly returns on manpower status. PNSD Provost Branch conducted an exercise inject (table-top) for this exercise to test the response of the units’ NS Provost officers. The objective of these two new initiatives is to allow the PNSmen to take more ownership in matters pertaining to their units.

Director PNSD, Deputy Director PNSD and NSmen Affairs Officer also visited D Div, J Div followed by ProCom to observe the mobilisation reporting and equipping process, observing turnout and bearing and to also speak to the KAH, CAH and PNSmen. Morale was high, the officers were confident and positive.

Indeed, readiness is our best protection to safeguard the safety and security of Singapore. By 1400hrs, all PNSmen mobilised were accounted for, within the stipulated timing of H+4 hours. Another job well done by our NS Leaders and their mobilised men, working in close partnership with their full time counterparts and external stakeholders. Here are some thoughtful comments about the Open Mobilisation exercise by our NS Leaders:

“It is a good and timely exercise to stress test the system and at the same time take the opportunity to talk and engage the officers on security climate.”

 –  DSP(NS) Firdouse Sukor, NS Deputy Commander, Clementi Division


“In current times where disaster and attacks can happen to our community at any time, knowing that my fellow officers and I can make it back to station when called upon says that we can be prepared to lend a hand to serve - be it at the frontline or support.”

–  ASP(NS) Mohamed Elmie Bin Nekmat, a Division Special Task Troop (DSTT) Team Leader from Clementi Division, who had rushed down for the mobilisation when he was about to head out for breakfast with his family.


“The open mobilisation exercise demonstrated how our Police NSmen need to be ready when the situation requires them to be mobilised in a short space of time. It allowed us to stress test our work processes and ensure that a smooth integration with our regular counterparts is achieved.”

–  SUPT(NS) Victor Lee, NS Commander, Jurong Division


“I have benefited from the open mobilisation exercise. I am better prepared for future deployments with the refresher training on managing vehicle threats and managing security locations using Walk Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors.”

–  INSP(NS) Nurman Zahin Jupri, a DSTT Team Leader from Jurong Division, who had rushed down for the mobilisation immediately after his school test at the National University of Singapore.


“The open mobilisation exercise provides an invaluable opportunity to prepare for an actual operational deployment under challenging circumstances during heightened threat-conditions. Strengths and weaknesses in planning and execution can be addressed and a unit’s teamwork, tenacity and purpose of mission deepened.  This was certainly the case in ProCom’s recent mobilisation exercise, where regular officers, NSFs and NSmen worked closely together to test their operational readiness. The lessons learnt gave the confidence to take on more complex and challenging open mobilisation exercises to sharpen ProCom’s effectiveness in actual situations, and Team ProCom wants to be ready for SPF and our country.”

– DAC(NS) Benjamin Tan, NS Commander, Protective Security Command

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