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Enjoy a consistent experience across all your devices - desktop webpages will be resized accordingly when viewed on your mobile phones or other devices1

Experience dedicated homepages catered for each user group2

1Do note that this is still a work-in-progress, some eService pages have yet to be updated with the new design.

2User group refers to the category you belong to when transacting with the NS Portal (i.e. Pre-Enlistees and Parents, SAF / SPF / SCDF NSF and NSmen, In-Service Personnel, SAFVC, Employers and Suppliers).

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Login at any point in time to enjoy your very own personalised dashboard:

  • Single view on eServices and information personalised for you
  • Single access point for you to access and transact with your NS eServices

Note: The dashboard is being rolled out progressively over the next few months.

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Access and transact with your eServices through your dashboard cards. Pay attention to the colour of the cards as they indicate the urgency of your transactions.

Key Feature


Accessing NS Portal’s eServices

Step 1

Clicking on the eService icons will not direct you to the eService transaction pages. Instead, you will be directed to view more information and FAQs about the eService.


You can only access your eServices through your dashboard after logging in to the NS Portal.

Step 2
Step 1

Upon login, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can then access and transact with your eServices.


Note: The dashboard is being rolled out progressively over the next few months.

Step 2

NSmen: “How do I navigate the Manage Call-Ups & Manning eService?”

Please note that if you have pending call-ups or manning periods that have yet to be acknowledged, you will need to acknowledge those activities first before completing any other call-up, manning, or deferment transactions.

NSMen Screenshot
NSMen Screenshot Zoom-in

View your call-up and manning details on the Manage Call-Ups and Manning Landing Page such as:

  • Upcoming activities
  • Start / End date
  • Reporting timeline

You may also apply for deferment and / or email your SAF100 to your employer by clicking on the respective buttons above.



Public: “How do I keep my personal particulars up-to-date?”

Please note that you are able to access the ‘Update My Profile’ eService through two methods – the account drop-down menu and the Update My Profile dashboard card.

  Method 1


Personal Particulars Method 1


  Method 2

Personal Particulars Method 1

Always ensure that your personal information is updated and accurate:

  • Personal details (especially email address and mobile number)
  • Family details
  • Bank account information
  • Employment information


NSmen / SAFVC: “What are the enhancements to the NS / SV Booklet?"

The NS / SV Booklet is a consolidation of your NS / SV activities such as your NS / SV attendance, Awards, etc.


In this new version, we have also consolidated the display of relevant NS information (e.g. your Rank, Unit and ORD date) in the main page of the NS Booklet for ease of reference.


Information about your eMart Purchases, NSmen Payments, Exit Permits and Overseas Notifications are no longer found in your NS Booklet. You can continue to find these information directly in the respective eServices via your dashboard.


Public: “Other than the Call Centre, how do I get help regarding my queries?"

Please access the Live Chat feature to get support from our chat agents immediately. Alternatively, you can access the FAQs found on the NS Portal as well.

NS Web Chat
NS Web Chat