• Exit Permit

Apply for Exit Permit

Apply for an Exit Permit if you are travelling overseas for 3 months or more.
  • Pre-Enlistee IPPT

Book Pre-Enlistee IPPT

Book your Pre-Enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).
  • NS Registration and Enlistment

Endorse Medical Questionnaire

You can endorse your son's or ward's Medical Screening Questionnaire here.
  • NS Registration and Enlistment

Indicate Vocation Interest

You are invited to indicate your interest in vocations of the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Singapore Police Force after you have registered for National Service (NS).
  • NS Registration and Enlistment

Manage Deferment

You can apply for deferment from NS to pursue full-time studies here.
  • NS Registration and Enlistment
  • Medical

Manage Medical Matters

You can change your medical screening appointment and view your medical information here.
  • Manage Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

Manage Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

Manage your Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award
  • MINDEF Payment Services

MINDEF Payment Services

Make payments to MINDEF using either your eNETS Debit (Internet Banking) or eNETS Credit (VISA/MasterCard).
  • NS Registration and Enlistment

Register for NS

Register for NS upon receiving your NS Registration Notice. You can also complete your pre-enlistment documentation here.