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  • ePREP

Access ePREP

Participate in training courses to help you get ready to further your studies or join the workforce.
  • Exit Permit

Apply for Exit Permit

Apply for an Exit Permit if you are travelling overseas for 6 months or longer.
  • NS Registration and Enlistment

Endorse Medical Questionnaire

You can endorse your son's or ward's Medical Screening Questionnaire here.
  • MyCallUp
  • MyDeferment
  • MyManning

Manage Call-Ups & Manning

Manage your call-ups and operational mobilisation duties, as well as deferment of NS activities.

Manage IPPT / NS FIT

Book and manage your IPPT and NS FIT appointments.
  • eHealth

Manage Medical (eHealth)

Manage your medical appointments and view your medical records.
  • NSmen Payments

Manage NSmen Payments

Submit your Make-Up Pay claims, enquire claim status, and view past payment details.
  • Manage Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

Manage Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

Manage your Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award
  • MINDEF Payment Services

MINDEF Payment Services

Make payments to MINDEF using either your eNETS Debit (Internet Banking) or eNETS Credit (VISA/MasterCard).
  • SAF eMart

Shop At eMart

Purchase your training equipment online.
  • iACRES

Submit Security Clearance

Submit your G50 and security clearance requests.
  • eSelf-Update

Update My Profile

Update your personal, family, bank, employment, qualification and language proficiency.
  • MyNSBooklet

View My NS Booklet

View your history of NS activities and records.