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Apply for Exit Permit

Apply for an Exit Permit if you are travelling overseas for 3 months or more.

Endorse Medical Questionnaire

You can endorse your son's or ward's Medical Screening Questionnaire here.

Manage Claims & Leave

Submit and manage your various claims (i.e. meal, transport, medical and dental) and leave applications.

Manage Disruption

Submit applications to apply for disruption, extend your disruption or resume full-time National Service.

Manage Medical (eHealth)

Manage your medical appointments and view your medical records.

Manage Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

Manage your Scholarship/ Sponsorship Award

MINDEF Payment Services

Make payments to MINDEF using either your eNETS Debit (Internet Banking) or eNETS Credit (VISA/MasterCard).

Prepare for ORNS

Learn about your responsibilities as an NSman after you ORD.

Shop At eMart

Purchase your training equipment online.

Submit Security Clearance

Submit your G50 and security clearance requests.

Update My Profile

Update your personal, family, bank, employment, qualification and language proficiency.

View NSF Payments

Check your payslips and other payment statements.

View Posting Order

View your unit posting and reporting details.