How do I check my SAF.eMart credits?

You need to access SAF.eMart to check your credits. Credits cannot be checked using NETS terminal or other Cashcard devices. Click HERE access SAF.eMART.

I have lost my user ID and password for What should I do?

You can call 1800-eNSNSNS (1800-3676767) to request for a new user ID and password.

What will happen to my unused credit balance at the end of the term?

Your unused balance will be rolled over for another term. In other words, the allocated credits can be used for two years for active servicemen and four years for NSmen.

When will be my next top up date?

Topping up of credits is carried out on the 1st day of the month for those whose last credit allocation falls before the 16th of the same month.For example, if you receive your 1st credit allocation on 8th Mar 2001, you will receive your next allocation on 1st Mar 2002 for active servicemen and 1st Mar 2003 for NSmen.If you were allocated credits after the 15th of the month, say 17th Mar 2001, then your next top up date will be 1st Apr 2002 for active servicemen and 1st Apr 2003 for NSmen.

I need to purchase some items but do not have sufficient credit balance. Can I request for topping up the credit?

No, topping up of credits will only be done based on the credit allocation cycle. However, for walk-in purchase, you can still purchase the items using the remaining credits and top up the difference with your own cash. Therefore, you are advised to spend the credit allocated wisely.

Why is my credit allocation less than what I am entitled?

If your ORD or your balance of service is less than 1 year then your credit allocation amount will be pro-rated. For example, if you are an active combat serviceman with a balance of 6 months service: $260/12x6=$130. Therefore you are entitled to $130.

What are the benefits of the NSmen Advance eMart Credit System?

It addresses the potential shortfall of NSmen's eMart credits in the initial NSTS cycle due to possible surges in the PE replacement. At the same time, this system maintains gradual allocation of credits over the NSTS to better regulate the PE replacement pattern.

Why is the advance credit capped to 113 credit points for Army and RSAF active NSmen and 105 credit points for Navy active NSmen?

We are not increasing the amount of credits. NSmen can now advance the credits from the next cycle, which is capped at 113 (for Active NSmen from Army and Air Force) and 105 (for Active NSmen from Navy) credits.

Is the advance credit system available to all NSmen?

In consideration that the PE replacement needs would abate towards the end of NSTS, this initiative will only be available to NSmen who have not completed their 6th high-key ICT. Those who have completed 6 and more high-key ICTs, Reservists on Voluntary Extended Reserve (ROVER), Volunteers (VOL) would not be eligible.

Why is my advance credit limit lesser than my standard credit limit?

If your ORD is before the following year's top-up, your advance credit limit will be pro-rated. The advance credit limit will be equivalent to the amount of credits you will receive during your next top-up.

Will the advance credit system be made available to Active servicemen?

This initiative is to circumvent the potential surges of PE replacements for NSmen during the initial NSTS years when they transit from Active to NS. Active servicemen will not require such system. They are fully equipped with new PEs upon recruitment/enlistment, and the allocated eMart credit will be sufficient.

Last updated on 06 Mar 2014