Exit Permit : General Information

Overseas Trip Notification

All NSmen below the age of 50 for Officers and 40 for Warrant Officers, Specialists, Other Ranks and Enlistees who are leaving the country for more than 14 days but less than 6 months are required to notify MINDEF Notification Centre (MNC) / Overseas Notification Centre (ONC) via Notification of Overseas Trips of their country of destination and a contact telephone or a fax number (can be local or overseas) at which they can be contacted or where information of their overseas whereabouts can be obtained during their absence. NSmen with valid Exit Permit are not required to further notify their overseas trips to MNC / ONC).

NSmen have given feedback on the MNC through focus group discussions conducted by the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) and various feedback channels. While NSmen understand the need for the MNC, they felt that the process could be reviewed, since Singaporeans now travel more frequently.

The CSNS has proposed that the MNC requirements be reviewed to reduce the inconvenience to NSmen, while maintaining the operational readiness of the SAF. At the same time, the CSNS recognises that Singapore's peace and stability cannot be taken for granted, and the security environment can change quickly. A strong and operationally ready SAF is needed to deter would-be aggressors and meet a wide range of security threats. After careful consideration, MINDEF and the SAF have decided to extend the period of exemption from notification from one to 14 days. From 1 Jul 2014, only NSmen who travel overseas for more than 14 days but less than 6 months will be required to notify the MNC. This will reduce inconvenience for the large majority of NSmen, while still providing the SAF with information on those who are overseas for longer periods, to support manpower and operational planning. The notification requirement may be adjusted depending on the security threat assessment. NSmen in units on operational manning are still required to seek approval from their unit commanders before travelling overseas.

Based on similar considerations, the revised requirement will also apply to the ONC, which is the MNC equivalent for NSmen in the Police and SCDF.

Alternatively, NSmen are able to notify MINDEF / MHA via the following means:

Via MyNSAdmin application (For MINDEF/SAF personnel):

MyNSAdmin native application (Available for iOS and Android users only)

Via phone through NS Call Centre's integrated voice response system at:

Tel: 1800-3676767 (local toll-free)
Tel: +65 65676767 (if calling from overseas)
Fax: 68537894
Internet: http://www.ns.sg
Email: contact@ns.sg

Via SMS:

Tel: 36767

Mail to:

NS Call Centre

5 Ang Mo Kio St 62
Singapore 569141

Operating Hours

NS Call Centre
Manned 24 hours daily including weekends and public holidays

NSmen are required to apply for an Exit Permit for overseas trips of 6 months or longer. NSmen who go overseas for more than 14 days but less than 6 months must notify MINDEF of their overseas trips through the MINDEF Notification Centre (MNC). The possession of an Exit Permit or the notification of MINDEF Notification Centre does not absolve NSmen from mobilisation and to report for NS duties when required.

During mobilisation manning period, NSmen can still travel overseas but are required to seek approval from their unit to be exempted from mobilisation prior to departure. Failing which, disciplinary actions will be taken.

NSmen who notify MINDEF / MHA are not automatically exempted from ICTs or any NS training and activities. They will have to apply for deferment or disruption from their respective NS units/NSSC if they wish to be deferred or disrupted.

Last updated on 01 Jul 2014