Exit Permit : General Information

ICT Deferment

Apply for Deferment from In-Camp Training

All applications for deferment from Operationally Ready NS training should be addressed to the respective units/NSSC and must be supported by the necessary documentary proof. NSmen should submit their deferment application at least 10 weeks before the commencement of the ICT. NSmen may be deferred if their applications meet the required guidelines.

An appeal against a rejected deferment application should be addressed to the unit/NSSC for re-consideration. Where the unit/NSSC does not support the appeal for deferment, the appeal could be submitted to the higher HQ for review, thereby ensuring that the appeal is being considered by a higher authority.

You may obtain an application form from:

NS units; SAFRA; National Service Association Clubhouse; NSPC for Army; NSmen; AFNSB for Air Force NSmen; NNSB for Navy NSmen.

NS units.

An NSman who is granted deferment will have to undergo make-up training for the deferred period within the same work year. MINDEF & MHA do not encourage deferment as it affects the unit's training as well as the unit's cohesiveness. NSmen are given 6 to 12 months notice for their ICT. The advance notice is to give them sufficient time to make the necessary adjustments to their work commitments so that they could attend to their NS duties as scheduled.

Last updated on 22 Dec 2008